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The innovative toys of the Anbac Toys® product range
have been developed especially for children between the
age of zero and five years.They consist of an exclusive
mix of synthetic material and wood. This product is a
novelty on the world market with a revolutionary property:
The toys of the Anbac Toys® series have an antibacterial effect.

Perfectly suited for babies and toddlers, especially when the toys are not only used in children's rooms, but also while playing in the waiting areas of doctor's practices or in playschools.
Visit also the website:www.eitech.de/anbac-toys
Eitech construction toys is a modern product with high quality produced in Germany. These unique construction toys promote the fine motor skills and creativity.
The construction boxes are available from simple models for children from the age of 6 up to more extensive construction project for children from the age of 10-12.
Children will find everything they require in the construction boxes.

With the various construction models children get insight in the diversity of technique and mechanics.
Fun when building is guaranteed.

All parts of the various construction boxes can be mutually connected and attached. Visit also the website: www.eitech.de
Lelin is based on the thought that playing is discovering and discovering is learning.
The toys of Lelin are educations, beautiful and stimulates the fantasy and curiosity of children.
The beautiful designs all have a high playing value and large attraction for children.
The products are developed with attention for small details.
With the development and production of the design, quality and safety are the main conditions.
New Classic Toys
New Classic Toys, the toys carefully selected by us, make it possible that functional playing is passed on to the next generation in a modern way. The beautiful designs and high quality of the toys guarantee for long term fun! New Classic Toys are not only safe and educational but also very attractive to play with. This way we ensure that fun and learning for children go hand in hand.
With the TEIFOC construction boxes children can create real building works. The cement that is used with the 'masonry' is soluble in water. So children can each time start again with another building project.
Playing with Teifoc improves the fine motor skills and the capacity to think logical and spacious.
The products are suitable for children from the age of 6 and thanks to the 100% natural materials they are very safe.
The little architects find all that is required in the construction boxes to enjoy building the next model or use their own imagination.
Visit the website: www.teifoc.com
Natural, safe, educational and beautiful, that are the features of VIGA toys.
All products have an attractive design.
New products are regularly developed.
With more than 20 years of experience Viga knows how to produce top quality toys.
The toys from Viga contribute to a positive development of children.


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